LGBTQI Legal Issues

In our changing legal landscape, LGBTQI legal issues are becoming more mainstream. Jill, the founder of JELS, has been passionate about LGBTQI issues since before she began practicing law. She was involved with queer groups in college, with the Lesbian Resource Center after college, her queer group in college. She has been involved with the QLaw Association and Foundation since they both began. She lead the efforts to create the QLaw Foundation GLBT Legal Clinic, one of the many King County Bar Association Specialty clinics.  She continues to volunteer with thePhoto with logo Legal Clinic and the QLaw Foundation.

If you have a legal question that is connected to your sexual orientation, gender identity, or queer life,  We may be able to help. We do not do criminal law, so unfortunately, we will not be able to help with criminal law cases.

We can help with civil and domestic issues. Some examples include:

  • Transitioning Gender in school or at the work place – JELS will provide assistance in communicating with schools or the workplace about how to respectfully handle a transition in school or the workplace. Including how to handle issues around bathrooms and setting the tone in the workplace.\
  • Name Change – Assistance with the process of changing name and/or gender on state and federal documents (social security, birth certificates, etc.)
  • Family Law – understanding the impact that sexual orientation and gender identity can have in your case. Please note, in Washington State, sexual orientation and transgender status, even when they are discovered/acknowledged later in life, cannot by themselves, be used to deny or restrict parental time with children.
  • Property agreements and estate planning for polyamorous households.
  • Gay-Straight Alliances – for student groups struggling with recognition by their school we can assist in pressuring the school board to allow GSAs, as they are required to be provided if the school allows any other non-academic club to exist.