Family Law & Estate Planning

At JELS, we think of family law as encompassing a much wider spectrum of families and their individualized needs. Whether you are a same-sex couple, worried about losing our new found rights in the changing political climate; a couple not interested in pursuing legal marriage and you want to be intentional about what you and your partner are committing to/relying on each other for; or blended/step family where the law may not be in sync with your intentions; or you are poly-amorous and you want protections for families and your property.

Some of the issues we handle include:

  • JELS primary focus in family law is parentage confirmations. Parentage confirmations are a method of obtaining a court order affirming parentage for same-sex couples. This method is similar to an adoption, but is less invasive and less expensive. Parentage confirmations are not available in as many situations as adoptions are, so depending on the facts in your case, it may not be available for you.
  • Appeals (See the Appeals tab for more information)

Estate planning is also a term that is confusing. At JELS, we will do the following types of estate planning:

  • Wills;
  • Powers of Attorneys;
  • Property Agreements – Pre& Post-nuptial agreements, living together agreements.

At JELS, we believe that you should be as empowered as possible. We have great resources in Washington and we highly recommend looking at, which is maintained by Northwest Justice Project, a not-for-profit statewide organization that provides free civil legal services to low-income people from 17 offices throughout the state of Washington. Also see the legal and nonlegal resources portion of this website.