JELS passionately believes that every student deserves to feel safe in their school, college or university. Feeling safe is necessary for learning.

Most schools do Health Youth Surveys (though which questions schools answer varies widely). While you can follow that link and get raw data from as recently as 2016, the most recent report was published in 2012. We know from the report that around a quarter of all students experience bullying and 11 to 12% of students experience harassment over the phone or computers. We also know that just under 20% have seriously considered suicide and just under 10% of students have attempted suicide. Despite this, every school I’ve worked with a parent/student about a problem they are experiencing seems to think there is no problem or the problem is no big deal.

We have also seen that despite the fact we have had many laws since the 1970s (nondiscrimination laws) and others since 2006-08 (anti-bullying laws and expanded nondiscrimination laws), there does not seem to have been significant change. At JELS, we believe that is because to effect change, parents and students have to be more informed and work to effectuate change.

Throughout this website there is information to help you understand the rules, policies and procedures. See:

If you are a PTA/PTSA, PFLAG or other group dedicated to helping parents and students and you would like to a formal training, please contact JELS. We can provide an overview on the laws and the school policies and procedures and help you help change the culture in your school.

If you are a parent, caring adult in the life a student, or student (over 18 or emancipated), please do not hesitate to contact JELS for a consult. A one hour consult regarding education issues are always free of charge.