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Initiating contact does not not create an attorney-client relationship. Potential clients – please be sure NOT to provide details of your case before confirming that I have not represented the other person/entity/party, please leave your name, the other party/ies name(s) and a brief (one sentence or less) description of the issue (i.e., harassment issues, child support issues, etc.) 

You can also fill out the form below and it will email me your information and JELS will email you back to arrange a consult .

Once I have checked for a conflict, I will contact you to set up a consult or let you know if I cannot provide a consult due to a conflict.

The charge for a one hour consultation is typically $250/hour. For issues regarding discrimination in education, bullying, harassment, etc., I typically waive the consult fee.

Initiating contact does not not create an attorney-client relationship. 

I am willing to take cases regarding education discrimination, harassment, intimidation, etc., throughout Washington. For most other issues, especially those that require a case to be filed with a court I represent clients in King County or a nearby county.

If you are an LGBTQ person looking for assistance with your case and are seeking an attorney knowledgeable in LGBTQ issues, please do not hesitate to schedule a consult. We can meet via Skype or the phone. If I cannot represent you, I can at least provide advice. I may even be able to support a local attorney in understanding the nuances that exist for LGBTQ people.