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Justice & Equality Legal Services, PLLC, (JELS)  provides an advocate for people in tough situations. JELS was founded in 2014 by Jill Mullins-Cannon, who is recognized on Avvo as superb, was recognized as a Rising Star and was recognized by the UW School of Law as an outstanding graduate. Jill’s clients are routinely grateful for feeling heard and having their cases diligently handled.

JELS has a strong team approach to the representation. Clients are the experts in the facts. Attorneys are experts in the law. The two must work well together to create the best possible outcome.

With any attorney, the initial consult is a mutual interview, an opportunity for the attorney and potential client to make sure that that there a good fit.

When you turn to an attorney, you are typically in a time of crisis, anticipating a time of crisis, or as in the case of estate planning, attempting to avoid a crisis. For most cases, particularly those that JELS takes on, there is no such thing as a “winner” or a “loser.” The focus is instead on “just and equitable” or “the best interest of the children,” or as in the case of issues of discrimination in education, making sure you or your child is safe, and issues in the school environment are adequately addressed to ensure a nondiscriminatory (equal) educatJill_Photoional experience.

Due to Jill’s commitment to volunteering, JELS does not take cases on a pro-bono basis. Instead that time is spent volunteering and attempting to create legal resources for everyone. One example is Jill led the QLaw Foundation efforts to create a GLBT King County Bar Association Neighborhood Legal clinic. Jill routinely volunteers for the QLaw Foundation and the Safe Schools Coalition as well as other organizations. There are many amazing non-profits in Washington that can provide assistance; most have limited ability to provide direct representation.