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Equity and Safety in EducationParentage Confirmations

We have great laws in Washington State to protect students in schools and universities/colleges and to protect families who are together by a means other than biology. JELS is passionate about helping families understand the laws and ensure that they can utilize the laws to protect themselves and their families.

It is not the law which keeps people safe, but the hearts and minds of some few good men and women who are its custodians. Conventional justice, when it is not in the hearts and minds of men, has only power to corrupt. The letter of the law may be upheld but its spirit is withheld.
~Bryce Courtenay in the Novel Tandia

JELS strives to provide clients with quality representation paying attention to each client’s individual needs and considerations. JELS combines experience, skill, and knowledge to help create solutions that work for you, not just in the moment, but also in the long term.